Sunday Saddlebag Shaver Day

saddlebag=outer thigh. Had to look that up 😉

Sunday Funday!

Sunday cardio day!

Saturday Abs and Arms Day

In addition to this video which would make me swear up a storm if Cassey wasn’t so adorable, I do the arms workout from the other days.

Friday Inner Thigh Day


I love this workout. I also do the same arms routine as Monday to complete my workout!

Thursday Full Body Pilates for Beginners

ohhhhh yessss

Thursday Stretch Day

Wednesday Abs Corset Workout

Keeping in line with my new June day by day video posts… I found this one after doing one about Saddlebags (which I later realized were legs, not abs) and I will try it next Wednesday, but it looks intense!

Tuesday Back Attack

ooo baby! I always forget about those back muscles…

Tuesday Full Body Pilates for Beginners

We all know how much I love this girl. She knows exactly what I want worked and how to make me sweat!

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