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I’ve Been Naughty

Oh so naughty. I feel myself slipping from this health conscience attitude, but when you don’t see results it’s hard to stay focused…

We have recently moved and carrying boxes and furniture up and down stairs for three days straight really wears on a girl. Then there’s the rearranging the house, cleaning up old mess, creating new mess, hosting a house warming party with food and beer and feeling like I gained 10 pounds in one day. Then there was yard work and cleaning out the garage to set up a printmaking studio (yyaaaayy! :D) and the days just keep slipping by!
My new roommate and I went for a run to the organic produce stand probably half a mile away to snatch up some sweet corn, though it was gone, and that half run/half walk killed me! It definitely shouldn’t have.

We were in a bad place in the last house and a lot of emotional eating has occurred and still does a bit (still unemployed), but now I’m ready to get back on the horse. I feel proud to have so much perseverance and to keep going for it, no matter how many times I’ve fallen off this weight loss horse. Ugh.

So there’s 2 weeks before my bridesmaid dress fitting and Thursday I have a doctor’s appt. where I was really hoping when they weighed me that I would be slimmer and would get to hear the praise.. But alas… my world has rocked my boat and I need to steady it so I can row ashore.

^ pretty proud of that metaphor. haha. Maybe I should be a writer…. nah.

I also have a full woman’s exam in December so that will be another goal to get my act together so I can hear the praise of the doctors. 🙂 And don’t forget the wedding in early October where I’ll be sporting a strapless, fuschia dress among other bridesmaids who happen to be size 0-2. Yaaay…. :/

Writing this post has made me hungry… lol. I guess it IS lunch time… Summer = Cause of loss of days.

So here’s my goal (and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing I have new goals and that they don’t get reached):

No beer this week
Only veggies, a bit of fruit and lean meat
Work out EVERY day.

Pretty simple, but it will be a good kick start to getting back into it.

My work out routine as of today will remain the same:

….but I may do some research to find something new to shake it up.

I’ve also purchased protein shake mix. It’s kinda yummy and I think it’s the reason I haven’t lost muscle since not working out these last two weeks.

I’m also going to FREAKING RUN MORE! This is getting quite ridiculous. I put off running like it’s the plague… It’s like 70 degrees and overcast out right now, why am I not running?! I am. 🙂 Well, I will once I spell check and publish this anyway… I added another run to my account on mapmyrun.com and will be bringing my stop watch to time myself accordingly.

So there you have it! I’ve resurfaced with a stronger game face and some serious distaste for how I’ve let myself slip. So here’s to me! Here’s to us! Let’s freakin do this!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live Like You.
❤ Notta

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