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I’m on Facebook!

I know no one really responded to the poll about getting one, but I did anyway! I’m up to 11 friends. Woo! I’ll be sharing more videos, recipes and motivational pictures and stories so head on over to http://www.facebook.com/NottaHardbody to catch more Notta!

Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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Monday Legs Routine

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The Week of the Butt

Oh goodness.. Is my newbie showing? Did I post a link to my blog in my blog? Oi. I’m still new to this, haha. Anyway! Thanks for the new followers! How exciting. 🙂

Today I started the Skinny Ms Summer Butt Challenge.. and it kicked my butt. No pun intended. Actually, pun COMPLETELY intended. But first I went for a run! It was so lovely out, just the perfect amount of cool breeze and indirect sunlight. So my legs are killing me. But! I feel AMAZING. I keep finding muscle in places I never knew muscle existed. How exciting. Also, the boyfriend can’t keep his hands off my hips. 😉 It’s amazing to know someone will love you whatever size and shape you are. He must be a keeper! Now if I could just get him to work out with me…. hmm.

Today I learned what Butt Burns and Prisoner Squats are and let me tell you, they are as intense as they sound. You can find them on my last blog under the Skinny Ms Summer Butt Challenge link. I also found this website (thanks to Bob) that I will investigate more today. http://www.mytrainerbob.com/

Never mind.. It costs money. I am on a strict low income workout routine. No gym, no gimmicks. Just me, my weights, my mat and a body full of ambition. But perhaps I’ll break that rule and join the aquatic center for swimming.. We shall see. I’m pretty cheap.

Can you believe I said “Knockers” in yesterday’s blog? Haa. Whoa.

Also, note to self: more recipes on this site! I’ve been slickety slackin on that! I just need my fridge fixed so I can store food in it again and we’ll be set!

I don’t have a lot to say today. I’m just in a really good mood and Its all thanks for my bout of motivation which turned into a decent run and heavy work out. I found a new anthem! I will post that in a second. It deserves its own post. Otherwise, keep me posted on upcoming run/walk community events and I will keep you updated on my “July 1st 1 mile goal.” If you don’t know the goal is that I want to be able to run 1 stinking mile by July 1st.

So, another goal this week (on top of the butt challenge, lots of water, and no late night snacking) is to get up one morning before work and get a run in. Pretty intense for me, but once summer comes it will probably be my only option because of the heat. Wish me luck!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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