Thursday Stretch Day

Wednesday Abs Corset Workout

Keeping in line with my new June day by day video posts… I found this one after doing one about Saddlebags (which I later realized were legs, not abs) and I will try it next Wednesday, but it looks intense!

Tuesday Back Attack

ooo baby! I always forget about those back muscles…

Tuesday Full Body Pilates for Beginners

We all know how much I love this girl. She knows exactly what I want worked and how to make me sweat!

Monday Legs Routine

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Monday Arm Day

Monday Tricep Day

Facebook: yay or nay?

I’m getting loads of views on my blog, so it is time to ask the question…


Where Do I Begin?

What a year I’m having. I’m states away from family, I’m stuck in my college town after I’ve graduated, I still have roommates (and will continue to, although the next one I’m pretty excited about!) and now I’m jobless. So what the heck am I doing with myself? It’s easy for one to get down on themself in times like these, but I assure you this is no pity party. I thrive in awful situations, I phoenix out of the mess of past relationship and awkward new ones, I. AM. NOTTA. And I rule. This is the time of life that so many stories and movies are taken from. So I am making my own story and powering through this mess until I am secure in my dream town, working at a big girl job preparing for the rest of my life with a certain somebody that I am mad about. 😀

So here’s what I’ve done since being laid off:

Ate a whole pizza
Drank dark beer
Drove to Florida to visit my parents (so very much-needed)
Coffee with friends and ex co-workers.
and maybe more pizza…

But! I haven’t gained a pound! I noticed I lost some muscle when we came back from Florida and I could barely pick up my 6lb weights, but still. After eating my feelings for a week, I seem to have kept it off. We did swim in every water vessel possible and walk around a lot, so that may have something to do with it.

My next step is to re-establish a routine. The last two mornings I’ve been up at 8 and either worked out or ran. So now I’m one step closer to not being a lazy slob.
Today my run was pretty damn good, actually. I have less than a month to reach my one mile goal and I’m getting nervous. But I’m closing the gaps between running and walking, so hopefully by July 1st I can run the whole thing. It’s a win I mostly certainly need. So that is my number one priority right now, with job searching a close (unwanted) second and my new business adventure with my bestie a very close third. <—- More on that to come!

My June workout is in place (a day late) but I’ve revamped it to focus more on specific areas. I hope to post the videos for each day’s workout starting Sunday or Monday so you can all enjoy! I use a lot from the POP Pilates collection. She just knows exactly what I want to work, Its crazy!

So that’s all for now. I know I’ve been aloof, but when life gives you lemons… you squeeze them over ice and add vodka..
Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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