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Update June 9

Alrighty! Here we are. Doin some updating. I’ve posted videos of the new workout routines I’m trying and they’re kickin my butt and I love it! My runs are getting better. I have 21 days to solidify my 1 mile goal! I’m feeling pretty good about it. The distance between running and walking is getting shorter and shorter and my runners high when I get home is incredible! Well, until I do the video workouts, then I want to die…but still! 😉

I received my bridesmaid dress in the mail! SOOOOO excited! I had to order two sizes bigger because they run small so I was very distraught with the number I had to order. But I got it and it needs to be taken in a bit (mostly in the boobs 😦 but also in the waist :D) So I’m going to look into how long I can wait before I need to get it altered and hopefully drop these pounds to make myself feel really amazing in this dress. Its hot pink and is draped very flatteringly. I have until October! I’ve hung this dress on the door in our workout/office/storage room so I can visualize myself looking smokin hot in it while working out!

Once I tried on the dress I instantly felt like eating healthier, so I have been! I had about a two feeding frenzy on food that made me feel guilty and made my insides feel like… well, crap. So I’ve been getting up early to run and work out and afterwards I feel so ambitious to make food! So, here’s what I’ve made this week:

Chicken, avocado, pine nut (those I cheaped out and got sliced almonds), feta, tomato and spinach salad!

I also made:
Cucumber and avocado salad

And tonight we splurged a little and ate Portobello “Philly Cheese Steak” (sooo good!)

They were all so yummy! I wish I could share my Pinterest boards with you but to keep my anonymity I think I’ll start a Facebook (even though the poll was… tied. Thanks to all 5 who voted… :/ ) but I think I’ll start one to start sharing more things and leave the blog for more stories than videos.

Oh! Lastly, I have some pre-interview screenings for jobs this week so my confidence is high and is making me want to work out that much more! This blog is mostly about eating well and work out routines, but it’s also about being the best me I can and I think that deserves some attention!

So! I will post about the Facebook situation and keep you all updated on my 1 mile goal and bridesmaid dress fittings!

Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live like you.
❤ Notta

Where Do I Begin?

What a year I’m having. I’m states away from family, I’m stuck in my college town after I’ve graduated, I still have roommates (and will continue to, although the next one I’m pretty excited about!) and now I’m jobless. So what the heck am I doing with myself? It’s easy for one to get down on themself in times like these, but I assure you this is no pity party. I thrive in awful situations, I phoenix out of the mess of past relationship and awkward new ones, I. AM. NOTTA. And I rule. This is the time of life that so many stories and movies are taken from. So I am making my own story and powering through this mess until I am secure in my dream town, working at a big girl job preparing for the rest of my life with a certain somebody that I am mad about. 😀

So here’s what I’ve done since being laid off:

Ate a whole pizza
Drank dark beer
Drove to Florida to visit my parents (so very much-needed)
Coffee with friends and ex co-workers.
and maybe more pizza…

But! I haven’t gained a pound! I noticed I lost some muscle when we came back from Florida and I could barely pick up my 6lb weights, but still. After eating my feelings for a week, I seem to have kept it off. We did swim in every water vessel possible and walk around a lot, so that may have something to do with it.

My next step is to re-establish a routine. The last two mornings I’ve been up at 8 and either worked out or ran. So now I’m one step closer to not being a lazy slob.
Today my run was pretty damn good, actually. I have less than a month to reach my one mile goal and I’m getting nervous. But I’m closing the gaps between running and walking, so hopefully by July 1st I can run the whole thing. It’s a win I mostly certainly need. So that is my number one priority right now, with job searching a close (unwanted) second and my new business adventure with my bestie a very close third. <—- More on that to come!

My June workout is in place (a day late) but I’ve revamped it to focus more on specific areas. I hope to post the videos for each day’s workout starting Sunday or Monday so you can all enjoy! I use a lot from the POP Pilates collection. She just knows exactly what I want to work, Its crazy!

So that’s all for now. I know I’ve been aloof, but when life gives you lemons… you squeeze them over ice and add vodka..
Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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Why Am I Struggling So Much?!

Friday Weigh-In: Nothin. Still 3 lbs down.. that’s it.

This is getting frustrating! I know I’m impatient, but jeeze! I’ve been at this since February. I can’t run a mile, I can’t lose weight. This is redic. I can only skim fitness board on Pinterest for so long before I lose hope. Grrr. I need some words of wisdom or miracle cures or a kick in the butt. I don’t know yet…

On the plus side, here’s some awesome food I ate recently:

Waldorf Chicken Salad


I also found this website to help with my One Mile Goal:
It’s pretty cool!


So THIS WEEK!!! I am getting up in the morning to run.  I have to or it will never happen this summer! I know me. haha. I kinda got distracted from the Summer Butt Challenge, but I’m bringing it back. It really made it hard to get up sometimes, my legs hurt so bad. haha. But I LOVE that kind of hurt. So Good.


I don’t have a lot this week. Send me your good vibes to get this weight loss going!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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