I can’t vs. I don’t

If you’re anything like me, whenever I hear the words “I Can’t” as in “I can’t touch that, eat that, do that…” All I want to do is that. I’m stubborn. I’m German. ha ha. I love this attitude when I want to push myself to new heights but when it comes to food… it’s the worst. So I’ve started saying “I don’t.” “I don’t want those chips because they will set me back.” “I don’t want food right now, at 10 o’clock at night, because it will just sit like a lump on a log in my stomach.”

You see the difference?  It’s not that I can’t eat that, it’s that I don’t want to. This has changed me SO much. I suggest you try it.

It came to me when I started counting calories to see where I was at. If I reached 1,000 before dinner (out of a 1,500 diet) then I knew I was in trouble. So when it was 9/10 o’clock at night and I had used up all my calories it was getting dangerous. So I would say, “Notta! You don’t want that.” and most times that worked and other times… that stubbornness came back. So.. it’s a work in progress, but it’s helping greatly!

Counting calories is such a funny thing. I pretend it’s like a game. Although there’s math involved, I still enjoy it. It makes me find recipes that have the lowest calories while still being filling. This week I’ll work on finding some and share them with you!

I guess I should update a little, since I’m here. Still jobless. Still overweight. Nowhere near my 1 mile by July 1st goal (curse this heat and my unmotivated legs..) Also, my friend’s wedding is closing in. :/ I need to tone these arms and slim this waist if I want any chance of fitting in with the other bridesmaids. We all ordered shirts for the bachlorette party and everyone ordered a small… junior fit… FML. I’m trying not to let that get me down, but I really don’t want to be the fat girl in the pictures. There’s always one and It will be me. Boo. Enough of this pity party. I love me. I think I’m beautiful and fun and I don’t need to be a small to love myself. And that is that! hmmph!

So this week I’m making it about me. I’m going to really focus on what I’m eating, work out like a champ everyday and do some free outdoor activities to get me away from our fridge. And maybe have a mini spa day with a bucket of warm water and my pedicure kit. 😉

So that’s that. I need to pump myself back up because this slump I’m in is fierce and awful. Before I go, don’t forget to add Notta on facebook http://www.facebook.com/NottaHardbody I’d love to get more people on there so we can start a convorsation about the journeys we’re on. Not to mention I post recipes, inspirational pictures and fun facts! What’s not to love?

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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