Thighs! The epitome of female beauty (after the bum and knockers). It is in my book, anyway.  I think there’s nothing sexier than toned, sculpted thighs, and if I could get that triangle between the legs where they don’t touch, I would be one happy camper!

Before we get to the thighs, let me update you!

This week so far I have eaten ice cream.. it’s been a while.. It was yummy but I instantly felt gross the next day. Instantly the next day? haha. I mean I felt gross right away AND the next day. The boyfriend picked it up and he’s still learning about low fat, low cal, health.. in general… so he picked up a brownie chocolate something or other and let’s just say I’m guilt tripping.

But! I have my energy back and I found a video that really got my heart rate going today:

I only did the first circuit because I was afraid I wouldn’t want to do the rest of my workout if I continued.. But I’ll get there!

On my off day this week I plan to continue this bad boy to it’s fullest:

And starting tomorrow I am taking the Skinny Ms Summer Butt Challenge! haha. I re-discovered it today (for this blog) and I said “Hey! I’m gonna do that!” I need these legs lookin’ fresh for summer. 😉


I’m feeling good. My arms and legs are killing from that video and my workout. I didn’t realize how out of shape I was. I keep thinking how strong I’m getting and that I could take on the world, but really there is so much ground I haven’t even covered yet. So I have to keep pushing myself! Anyway, I really needed this good work out, my brain was starting to feel sluggish and so was my body. It’s amazing how your monthly visitor can bring you down so much. I really need to work on pushing through during that week. So to reward myself for my awesome work out today, I’m going to paint my toe nails. haha. They’re hideous :/  But don’t worry! I’m not giving up on the 5 pound pedicure!

My brain is on quite the high right now, I feel AWESOME! So get YOUR butt up and get active, kids!


Also, If anyone knows of any local runs/races/community health things coming up this summer, I would love to get involved in one! I need a goal to keep me running. Thanks!


Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta


2 thoughts on “Thighs!

  1. Katy Daixon says:

    Thighs really are the third sexiest thing and you know what will create that triangle? Yoga. No joke. I will teach you. 🙂 Kudos on the blog, girl! I give props to any woman who’s open about her body, flaws, weaknesses, but also strengths.

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