Update 5/4

This week was CRAZY busy and slightly awful. My metaphorical plate was so full I had no energy left for working out most days this week and eating may have fallen to the wayside, but I did lose 3 pounds!

Hey-Oh! Three pounds! Look at that. I also tried on my size 16 pants.. a little snug but doable 🙂

I don’t have a lot to say about eating well or words of wisdom this week. It was a relapse week… But my energy is back and after this blog (and the episode of Glee I missed) I will be putting on my running shoes and trying to catch up on the days I missed.

Recap on Goals:

5 pounds (from original weight, not the weight after gaining muscle): Pedicure

Size 16: New pair of my favorite Target jeans and something little for appearances (necklace, make up, fancy headband…IDK yet)

Size 14: Wedding Dress Size! But if this is easily reached before that day (whenever that may be) then we shall make a new goal!

Size 12: Little Black Dress. 🙂 I moved it from 16, because that seemed too easy.


Alright, well, everyone keep up your good work and I’ll post again soon!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta


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