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Why Am I Struggling So Much?!

Friday Weigh-In: Nothin. Still 3 lbs down.. that’s it.

This is getting frustrating! I know I’m impatient, but jeeze! I’ve been at this since February. I can’t run a mile, I can’t lose weight. This is redic. I can only skim fitness board on Pinterest for so long before I lose hope. Grrr. I need some words of wisdom or miracle cures or a kick in the butt. I don’t know yet…

On the plus side, here’s some awesome food I ate recently:

Waldorf Chicken Salad


I also found this website to help with my One Mile Goal:
It’s pretty cool!


So THIS WEEK!!! I am getting up in the morning to run.  I have to or it will never happen this summer! I know me. haha. I kinda got distracted from the Summer Butt Challenge, but I’m bringing it back. It really made it hard to get up sometimes, my legs hurt so bad. haha. But I LOVE that kind of hurt. So Good.


I don’t have a lot this week. Send me your good vibes to get this weight loss going!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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New Personal Anthem

This really gets me pumped and makes me feel surprisingly invincible.

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The Week of the Butt

Oh goodness.. Is my newbie showing? Did I post a link to my blog in my blog? Oi. I’m still new to this, haha. Anyway! Thanks for the new followers! How exciting. 🙂

Today I started the Skinny Ms Summer Butt Challenge.. and it kicked my butt. No pun intended. Actually, pun COMPLETELY intended. But first I went for a run! It was so lovely out, just the perfect amount of cool breeze and indirect sunlight. So my legs are killing me. But! I feel AMAZING. I keep finding muscle in places I never knew muscle existed. How exciting. Also, the boyfriend can’t keep his hands off my hips. 😉 It’s amazing to know someone will love you whatever size and shape you are. He must be a keeper! Now if I could just get him to work out with me…. hmm.

Today I learned what Butt Burns and Prisoner Squats are and let me tell you, they are as intense as they sound. You can find them on my last blog under the Skinny Ms Summer Butt Challenge link. I also found this website (thanks to Bob) that I will investigate more today.

Never mind.. It costs money. I am on a strict low income workout routine. No gym, no gimmicks. Just me, my weights, my mat and a body full of ambition. But perhaps I’ll break that rule and join the aquatic center for swimming.. We shall see. I’m pretty cheap.

Can you believe I said “Knockers” in yesterday’s blog? Haa. Whoa.

Also, note to self: more recipes on this site! I’ve been slickety slackin on that! I just need my fridge fixed so I can store food in it again and we’ll be set!

I don’t have a lot to say today. I’m just in a really good mood and Its all thanks for my bout of motivation which turned into a decent run and heavy work out. I found a new anthem! I will post that in a second. It deserves its own post. Otherwise, keep me posted on upcoming run/walk community events and I will keep you updated on my “July 1st 1 mile goal.” If you don’t know the goal is that I want to be able to run 1 stinking mile by July 1st.

So, another goal this week (on top of the butt challenge, lots of water, and no late night snacking) is to get up one morning before work and get a run in. Pretty intense for me, but once summer comes it will probably be my only option because of the heat. Wish me luck!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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Thighs! The epitome of female beauty (after the bum and knockers). It is in my book, anyway.  I think there’s nothing sexier than toned, sculpted thighs, and if I could get that triangle between the legs where they don’t touch, I would be one happy camper!

Before we get to the thighs, let me update you!

This week so far I have eaten ice cream.. it’s been a while.. It was yummy but I instantly felt gross the next day. Instantly the next day? haha. I mean I felt gross right away AND the next day. The boyfriend picked it up and he’s still learning about low fat, low cal, health.. in general… so he picked up a brownie chocolate something or other and let’s just say I’m guilt tripping.

But! I have my energy back and I found a video that really got my heart rate going today:

I only did the first circuit because I was afraid I wouldn’t want to do the rest of my workout if I continued.. But I’ll get there!

On my off day this week I plan to continue this bad boy to it’s fullest:

And starting tomorrow I am taking the Skinny Ms Summer Butt Challenge! haha. I re-discovered it today (for this blog) and I said “Hey! I’m gonna do that!” I need these legs lookin’ fresh for summer. 😉


I’m feeling good. My arms and legs are killing from that video and my workout. I didn’t realize how out of shape I was. I keep thinking how strong I’m getting and that I could take on the world, but really there is so much ground I haven’t even covered yet. So I have to keep pushing myself! Anyway, I really needed this good work out, my brain was starting to feel sluggish and so was my body. It’s amazing how your monthly visitor can bring you down so much. I really need to work on pushing through during that week. So to reward myself for my awesome work out today, I’m going to paint my toe nails. haha. They’re hideous :/  But don’t worry! I’m not giving up on the 5 pound pedicure!

My brain is on quite the high right now, I feel AWESOME! So get YOUR butt up and get active, kids!


Also, If anyone knows of any local runs/races/community health things coming up this summer, I would love to get involved in one! I need a goal to keep me running. Thanks!


Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

Update 5/4

This week was CRAZY busy and slightly awful. My metaphorical plate was so full I had no energy left for working out most days this week and eating may have fallen to the wayside, but I did lose 3 pounds!

Hey-Oh! Three pounds! Look at that. I also tried on my size 16 pants.. a little snug but doable 🙂

I don’t have a lot to say about eating well or words of wisdom this week. It was a relapse week… But my energy is back and after this blog (and the episode of Glee I missed) I will be putting on my running shoes and trying to catch up on the days I missed.

Recap on Goals:

5 pounds (from original weight, not the weight after gaining muscle): Pedicure

Size 16: New pair of my favorite Target jeans and something little for appearances (necklace, make up, fancy headband…IDK yet)

Size 14: Wedding Dress Size! But if this is easily reached before that day (whenever that may be) then we shall make a new goal!

Size 12: Little Black Dress. 🙂 I moved it from 16, because that seemed too easy.


Alright, well, everyone keep up your good work and I’ll post again soon!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

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