Work Out Routine Explained

There have been questions on my workout routine. Everyone is different and need to figure out what they want to work and what kind of workouts work best for them. That said, let me explain my encoded routine.

-Arms: with a dumbell (I randomly have a 6.6 pound one.. I don’t know why) I hold them at my sides and lift them to shoulder height. Then I do bicep curls. Next I hold them in the air about shoulder height and pump them upwards until fully extended. Then I put one hand, still with dumbell, behind my back and lift behind me, working that flabby area.. mmm mmm. Lastly, I hold them out in front of my shoulder height and lift them from my down to up.  Right now I’m at 2 reps of 2 for arms.

-Crunches: This changes every week. This week I found a thing online that suggested laying on the ground with your legs on the wall and do crunches there. Then with one hand behind the back and the other straight up, taking the straight up arm and touching the outside of the opposite leg while the leg comes at you. Do both sides. Then bicycles and  some other stuff. I need to find more abs stuff..

-V-Sits: I would just sit in that V position and hold it, but I was shown this video, that I think is better!

-Hip Thrusts: I lay on the ground and thrust those lovely hips in the air, really feeling it in the glutes!

-Legs. I don’t think I mentioned them, because I’ve only recently added them, but I LOVE this workout for legs…

Hope this helps! The rest are pretty self explanatory, I think. Just do some research and find what you want to work on and work it!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You. ❤ Notta



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