Here We Go!

Let’s get down to business, shall we? Working out. At first… it sucks. It really, really sucks. All you can focus on are your feet pounding on the track, how sweaty you’re getting, how you just! want! to! be! done! Tough shit, my friends. Suck it up and get back out there! The more you do it, the better it gets. I was thinking of posting my work out for the world to see and I started thinking, since I’m at a pretty good pace right now, that I would cut back to a daily run/work out alternating routine. Then I thought “But I like working out everyday. I think I would miss it.” LIKE WORKING OUT?! Am I crazy? Well, yes. But it just makes me feel so good! So here it is- my work out:

Each day I get to cross off that work out I did and it looks more like this these days:


You can see that I make notes and in other months I made comments… I should mention the frowny faces are from when I hurt my back and instead of making up the workout, which I normally would, I gave myself a break and didn’t do those two days. You have to listen to your body. Forcing myself to keep going could have caused more injury and then I would have been out more days. This system of mapping it out and seeing it all out there and seeing your progress is so amazing and satisfying. Like I only did 80 sit ups in the beginning of the month?! Weak. I can totally do 110 today. Just because it’s written down doesn’t make it permanent. I’ve added more to mine and taken away some and stayed the same on some like push ups. I just can’t get past ten BOY push ups yet….

So get yourself a routine. Come home from work and tell yourself you won’t start dinner until you’ve had your work out, or wake up in the morning and say I’m going to go for a run before I can shower. That way, if you’re like me, you’ll want to get it out of the way quickly so you can be clean!

Don’t make excuses. I hate them. I don’t want to hear them. Telling other people how you tried but couldn’t find time or just didn’t feel like it, doesn’t cut it. Does that make you feel better? Are you trying to bring me down by telling me its okay not to work out everyday? Are you trying to justify your laziness? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Because I don’t. I have no pity for those who can’t help themselves. I know everyone is on their own time, routine, schedule. I get it. But making excuses is like putting oil in the pan but being too tired or busy to put the chicken in it. It just sits there, empty and worthless. (Oil. Pan. Chicken. I bet you can tell what I’m having for dinner..mmmm.)

I bet you’re thinking “This girl is CRAZY intense! What does SHE know about ME?!” Probably nothing, but I DO know how I am and how I’ve gotten to the point I’m at now. So get your own butt in gear and do this for you, not because you need to prove something to me, to family, to friends, but because you need to prove it to yourself.  Because you can do this. Anyone can do this. Our bodies were made for this.

Get healthy. Get active. Get a rockin body you can be proud of. You would not BELIEVE the confidence that comes with this healthy lifestyle. I keep asking people to feel by biceps. Your mind needs this as much as your hips and tummy do. God knows, I still have chunk here and there and I haven’t even lost my first 5 pounds yet, but positive thinking and a can-do attitude will get you more places than you ever imagined, in all aspects of life. 😀


If you’re not ready to put you and your health first, then you should probably stop reading this. I know guilt is probably the first and foremost motivator for most. “Ah, I just ate a candy bar and now I feel bad about myself.. I should go for a run. ” First of all, F that candy bar. That candy bar won’t make you happy, it immediately made you sad. So you think “Okay, now I’ll start working out.” Great. Do it. And knock it off with that stupid candy bar! I can look at sweets on Pinterest and the mounds of chocolate and desserts they bring in to work and I think “One bite of that would ruin a week’s worth of work.” I’m sure as shit not setting myself back a week. I have goals to reach.


Thanks for sticking through this rant. I got a little cuss-y back there. But by, golly! You guys can do this. I know you can. So freakin do it already! 😉

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta


3 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. Sarah Rodefer says:

    Question just for clarification. Are the v-sits this exercise:

    Also, are the hip thrusts these?

    Or something else?

    Also, what is the “arms” exercise?

    Thank you!

    • Ahhh! I love that you’re so interested! haha.

      I will post a more descriptive summary of my workout in my next post! but my v sits weren’t crunches, i just held them. I like the crunches bit, tho. Yes, to the hip thrusts, only i did them on the floor, moving my hips into the air.

      Thanks, sarah!

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