You’re Wonderful, Love Yourself!

When I  decided to start this blog I didn’t think I would be posting everyday. I suppose I’ve just been having momentous days that need sharing!

My lovely boyfriend made spinach, green olive and tomato omelets. Then we decided to go shopping. I had to pick up some bridesmaid shoes and a new pair of sunglasses because I broke my old pair… womp, womp…So my boy said he’d come with me because all my girl friends were busy… and I offered to buy dinner. We got to the shoe place and I found the pair I needed and then scored a BOGO pair of black heels for $7! WOO! Deals! Gotta love ’em. Then we hit up Target where I tried on some clothes and decided on a navy wrap dress (Diane von Furstenberg would be so proud) and a cardigan for work outfits, and my sunglasses! I grabbed a few pairs of pants in the next size down, including my favorite goal jeans, and tried them on to see where I was at. So close! It was comforting to know they got over my hips and with a little less tummy they would fit perfect! So, that’s exciting! Change is happening. 🙂

Then it was on to bras… ugh, bras… The absolute worst part of the wardrobe to shop for. My bra size is.. rare-ish. Apparently women with a circumference like mine should have bigger breasts, but I deal. I grabbed the entire store and found one I like as well as a fancy new pair of undies for a dollar! Notta was feeling FINE! Small rewards are where its at. I didn’t want to buy anything that would be too big in a month or so, so underwear and a work dress sufficed!

Then it was on to dinner, which “the better half” waited so patiently for. Noodles and Co.! We don’t have one in my town, or a mall for that matter.. or a Target… ugh, so Noodles is kind of a big deal for us. He stuffed his face with the bacon, cheeseburger mac which looked delicious and I had the penne fresca- if my mind serves me correctly. Noodles, onions, olive oil and white wine dressing, tomatoes, spinach and feta. It was amazing! I drank a whole glass of water before it came so that half way through I decided I needed a To-Go box because I was so full! Yay! I didn’t feel the need to scrape my plate clean- big change for me! Granted, I ate the rest a while after we got home, but still.

The moral of my story is: even if things aren’t quite going to plan, you still need to reward yourself for the progress you HAVE made. Love yourself. You’re wonderful and you should feel that way about yourself. Everyone is beautiful, some choose to show it off, and some like for it to be discovered. Let your beauty out.


Tomorrow my friend and I will get a work out in while our boyfriends make dinner. 😀 I’ve picked an apple/feta salad, apricot chicken and Quiona Cheese Bites (if they’re feeling ambitious). Wish them luck!

You can find the Bites here:


Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta


2 thoughts on “You’re Wonderful, Love Yourself!

  1. Shopping without me? The Quinoa Bites look awesome. Can I repin them somehow?

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