Weigh-In Day 1

Weigh-In Day! Woo!

Before we get to that, can I just say HOLY COW! 73 views in less than 24 hours!? That’s intense. I love it! I love that people are interested and intrigued and/or finding this entertaining. Thank you all! Now even people in Italy are going to be holding me accountable :/

On that note….

Drumroll pleeaaassseeeeee…..

I gained 3 pounds.

BOOOOOOOO! I’m going to go ahead and put that in on the Pro side of my metaphorical yellow legal pad, and count that as muscle, because I’m sure it is. This girl has got some mad bicep action going for her. But still, gaining when I’m trying to lose is slightly discouraging. So after weigh-in I took my shower, thought it over and said this week’s goals, starting now are:

No soda.
No Beer (except Wednesday).
More cardio.
6-8 glasses of water a day.

I can do this. Easy, right? I’ve cut back on soda IMMENSELY this last year and my body has been aching for a run. I give Wednesday the exception because its a tradition among friends to get wings and beer at a local bar. When starting out you need to give yourself REALISTIC goals. Cutting out beer completely for the rest of my life is UNrealistic. More cardio. Check. Let’s get real. That needs to happen. Toning up isn’t going to fix everything. I’m just building muscle on top of fat. I don’t think that’s scientifically accurate, but you know what I mean. Water. Such a tricky thing. When you google search Water Calculators each one gives you a different answer. They have ranged from 61oz-132oz. Each person is different but for me I’ve decided 6-8 fills of my 22oz bottle is pretty good. Perhaps a little excessive, but it sure curbed my appetite at 10:30 this morning. So I’m on board. Water. Water. Water. Plus, peeing clear IS kind of fun. It’s like invisible pee. Who can say they have invisible pee? hmm?

The rest of my night will consist of a run, dinner and a work out with a friend later in the evening. For dinner I made BBQ chicken from the book my mother gave me called “Hungry Girl 1-2-3. The easiest, most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet.” by Lisa Lillien. The titles are not as appetizing as the actual recipes but they sure are delicious! I suggest you take a peek at it sometime. I dug out the crock pot this morning, filled it with goodies and went to work! Easy Peasy. I came home and it smells wonderful and I don’t have to sacrifice a work out to make a really nice, healthy dinner.

Tonight I leave you with a quote from the Fitness Pinterest board, which is where I get most of my motivational quotes and pictures…

“Because the cake at the party lasts five minutes, but the pictures from the party last forever.”

Don’t give in to sweets. They ruin days, weeks of work and they taste like failure. I know everyone has set-backs, I gave in to a brownie the other day (no one’s perfect), but how far can you be set back before you’re back at the starting line?

Eat healthy, get some exercise and stay positive!

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta



2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Day 1

  1. Gnome Photo says:

    No lies. This is making me excited about trying to get back on track again! Before I moved back to Wisconsin I had lost nearly 20 lbs. My grandmother who was much more like a mother to me died 15 days after I moved back, I turned to sweets and food to deal, and now all the hard work and accomplishments to make myself a healthier and happier person has gone straight back to the tummy, thighs, and butt. Looking forward to reading about your progress and I hope that I can find the inspiration to move forward myself.

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