Goals and check points


Love ’em. I love reaching them, I love making them, I love kickin their asses.

I, Notta, am a size 18. Pretty sure, anyway. I refuse to buy new clothes so I assume I’m about there as of now. Big number, right? HUGE! Unacceptable. But with the power of positive thinking and kick ass attitude that number will be a fun story I tell my grandchildren some day.

Size 16: New pair of my favorite Target jeans, Little Black Dress, and something little for appearances (necklace, make up, fancy headband…IDK yet)
Size 14: Wedding Dress Size! But if this is easily reached before that day (whenever that may be) then we shall make a new goal!
Size 12: ? I don’t know yet. I haven’t thought this far ahead… We’ll come back to this..

I don’t know the last time I was a size 12. I don’t even know what kind of poundage a woman at size 12 is. Maybe its doable in the year, maybe it will take longer. I just don’t know! But I am excited! Some may think that’s foolish to not reach farther, but I like to be practical and reasonable. If I can make it to size 12 I’m doing something special!  WHEN! When I make it to size 12 I’ll do something spectacular. Perhaps a new swim suit? Hmm…. 😉 Once that goal is reach then I’ll move on to bigger and better goals.

I plan to have weekly weigh-ins to see my progress. I went out and bought a scale. Yikes. This shits real! It likes to get me down, so I’m limiting myself to using it once a week. Friday mornings. Boom. There we go.

So far I’m up 4 pounds from my doctors appointment in January, which I assume is ALL muscle, because these gams are lookin fresssshhh! Once I reach my “lose 5 pound”s goal- a friend and I are getting pedicures. 😀 Small goals are the key to stay on track and motivated. And rewards for something fun or to splurge on beauty is WAY healthier than treating yourself to food or dessert. Trust me. As a child when I ate really well all day I would ask for a bowl of ice cream as a reward. That kind of thinking gets me in trouble! Also as a child, and as an adult, I didn’t like being told how to live my life. I don’t like being told what to do. Plain and simple. I don’t mean like Mr. Boss asks me to do something for job, I mean I have a cat-complex where if it is not my idea, then I’m not going to do it. If losing weight was my mom’s idea, then I didn’t want to do it. If its my idea. I’m all about it. Sorry mom, I know you tried.. Sometimes we just have to find that out for ourselves, and sometimes it takes too long. I feel I have to be fully committed for this to succeed, and by golly! I am! I am SO ready. I think I needed to prove something to myself and I have and now I can bust down those pigeon holes and be the best and most awesome me possible. True Story.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Friday morning update. Send positive vibes! My feet need this pedicure more than my ego does..

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta


2 thoughts on “Goals and check points

  1. MLyssa Hoops says:

    I love love this! So inspiring.
    Something that helps me: My sister and I both weigh ourselves on Wednesday mornings, first thing and then text each other what the scale says. No judgments, no discouragement. Simple accountability. It works for us!

    Get it girl. I love your idea of small rewards for goals! I need this!

    • That’s really awesome you can be so open with your sister! Until now I’ve always kept this number and size secret. It’s good to share! Keeps a girl moving forward. I mean, we ARE Wisconsinites. 😉 Moving forward is our motto.

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