World: Meet Notta Hardbody.  Notta Hardbody: Meet the world.

Hey, hi world!

I’m a 23 year old woman from Wisconsin with stars in my eyes and chunk on my thighs. I’m a recent grad from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and from the poor eating habits that came with student-dom. It’s a new life and I’m taking it by storm.  I’ve moved in with my serious boyfriend and found a super stellar job in town doing stuff I love with people I absolutely admire. So life is pretty good… except for that pesky personal problem I’ve had MY ENTIRE LIFE! This year my New Year’s resolution was                       .  Yup, that’s right. Didn’t make one. Each Dec. 31st I think “Okay! This year! It WILL happen.” and it never does. So this year I said F-It and didn’t make one. So of course come end of January while looking for jobs and sitting on my butt all day on Pinterest; I found numerous posts and boards about weight loss and exercise and eating well and I thought “Well, that figures. People always get super excited at the start of the year and maybe half will make it to June and 10% of that will reach their actual goal (hopefully more!).”  While scrolling I saw this day by day work out schedule for “Fab Ab February.” Catchy. I like it. I saved it and did the daily routines while throwing in some running.

I should give you some background on running. I hated it. In high school it was my LEAST favorite part of PE, although in actuality… the WHOLE part of PE was my least favorite. It wasn’t until I spent a summer in Washington state where EVERYONE is outdoorsy, that I thought “Hey, I could do that!” And I did. My sister-in-law gave me a pair of old hiking boots and I put on my leggings and got athletic. Oh my gosh! It was so beautiful running by the bay in my favorite work out weather. So there it happened. They fed me well and I came back to school feeling like a new woman. Then school started. I took yoga for that stupid little 1 credit of exercise and health but I ended up loving it! What a revelation! So after yoga I would work out in the gym, which I had won a free membership for from karaoke night in the University Center, but that is a whole ‘nother story. So I was already there in the morning, got in a good work out and was feelin awesome. Then the lack of funds and the massive amount of school work started to take their toll and this slimmer Notta started to slip. I gained it all back with interest.

So now school is done! I have money and Fab Ab February gave me the kick-start I needed. So here I am, April 19th, 2012 and I’m still going! I’ve made daily routines that I get to check off after I’ve done them! Which, any kindergartener will tell you, is the best feeling in the world! Checking stuff off! Agh! I love it. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I also love goals! It’s weird. I know. I’ve come to terms 😉 So it’s baffling to me, and I’m sure others, that I have not dropped this weight! It’s been with me since I can remember. If I’m so motivated and goal-oriented then why am I the heaviest I’ve ever been? Its strange and it needs to change. I refuse to be a hypocrite.

I should preface all this with the notion that I’m doing this for me. A healthier me. I don’t need to fit into size 2 jeans and a bikini. I need healthy, happy, confident, size 14 (for now) jeans while still eating and drinking things I love. I don’t need to be a model or wash my clothes on my abs. I will eat. I will sweat. I will be the best me. And I will love/hate every moment of it. 😀 I know this and I accept the challenge. I’m going to be one smokin hottie! Well, even more so, of course.

So this blog is started on this momentous day to hold me accountable, keep me motivated, help me reach goals, bring laughter and hopefully inspiration to those who read. I will post inspirational photos, tell trivial stories, show healthy and delicious food I’ve made and probably cry and get sentimental in a few posts. In most posts. In half. This is a monumental day and step forward in my quest for a toned body, NOTTA HARD BODY.  You will all get to see my trials and tribulations and get excited when I reach goals and give me words of encouragement when I don’t.

Now that I’ve spilled a handful of my background guts, I will get on to the next post about something a little more interesting!

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta



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