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Work Out Routine Explained

There have been questions on my workout routine. Everyone is different and need to figure out what they want to work and what kind of workouts work best for them. That said, let me explain my encoded routine.

-Arms: with a dumbell (I randomly have a 6.6 pound one.. I don’t know why) I hold them at my sides and lift them to shoulder height. Then I do bicep curls. Next I hold them in the air about shoulder height and pump them upwards until fully extended. Then I put one hand, still with dumbell, behind my back and lift behind me, working that flabby area.. mmm mmm. Lastly, I hold them out in front of my shoulder height and lift them from my down to up.  Right now I’m at 2 reps of 2 for arms.

-Crunches: This changes every week. This week I found a thing online that suggested laying on the ground with your legs on the wall and do crunches there. Then with one hand behind the back and the other straight up, taking the straight up arm and touching the outside of the opposite leg while the leg comes at you. Do both sides. Then bicycles and  some other stuff. I need to find more abs stuff..

-V-Sits: I would just sit in that V position and hold it, but I was shown this video, that I think is better!

-Hip Thrusts: I lay on the ground and thrust those lovely hips in the air, really feeling it in the glutes!

-Legs. I don’t think I mentioned them, because I’ve only recently added them, but I LOVE this workout for legs…

Hope this helps! The rest are pretty self explanatory, I think. Just do some research and find what you want to work on and work it!

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You. ❤ Notta



This week was slightly disappointing. I would do really well all day, then come home and stuff my face. 😦 It took a while, but I realized this is the week before “the week” (girls, you know what I mean) and I just couldn’t help putting food in my mouth. It was rainy, I was exhausted and had recently gone grocery shopping. Luckily, everything I ate was moderately healthy, but still.. empty calories.

With that said, it was no surprise when my Friday weigh-in day was unsatisfactory. I didn’t gain anything this week (finally) but I also didn’t lose… but at least I didn’t gain! ha. Such a roller-coaster.

My no beer week went surprisingly well. I stuck to wine. It was delightful.

This week my boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary at a new fancy-ish restaurant in town. I had salmon! YAY! He hates salmon.. so I gotta take it when I can! He had the bison burger. It looked really tasty, but I stuck to fish. Solid. Good work, Notta.

I went for a run today. This last week I worked out, oh… 4 times… So that meant I needed to make up 3 days. Eeek! That’s a lot. So my workout yesterday was double and so was today’s workout. But first! I went for a run. I need to get back to work on that “1 mile by July 1st” goal! I ran the farthest I have since I’ve started this! It felt so good. 🙂 Then I came back and did two work outs and now all I want is a nap. But the show must go on! There is all kinds of things I need to do tonight, but at least I got a work out in!

To close, I leave you on this note:


Truer words…

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.

❤ Notta

Here We Go!

Let’s get down to business, shall we? Working out. At first… it sucks. It really, really sucks. All you can focus on are your feet pounding on the track, how sweaty you’re getting, how you just! want! to! be! done! Tough shit, my friends. Suck it up and get back out there! The more you do it, the better it gets. I was thinking of posting my work out for the world to see and I started thinking, since I’m at a pretty good pace right now, that I would cut back to a daily run/work out alternating routine. Then I thought “But I like working out everyday. I think I would miss it.” LIKE WORKING OUT?! Am I crazy? Well, yes. But it just makes me feel so good! So here it is- my work out:

Each day I get to cross off that work out I did and it looks more like this these days:


You can see that I make notes and in other months I made comments… I should mention the frowny faces are from when I hurt my back and instead of making up the workout, which I normally would, I gave myself a break and didn’t do those two days. You have to listen to your body. Forcing myself to keep going could have caused more injury and then I would have been out more days. This system of mapping it out and seeing it all out there and seeing your progress is so amazing and satisfying. Like I only did 80 sit ups in the beginning of the month?! Weak. I can totally do 110 today. Just because it’s written down doesn’t make it permanent. I’ve added more to mine and taken away some and stayed the same on some like push ups. I just can’t get past ten BOY push ups yet….

So get yourself a routine. Come home from work and tell yourself you won’t start dinner until you’ve had your work out, or wake up in the morning and say I’m going to go for a run before I can shower. That way, if you’re like me, you’ll want to get it out of the way quickly so you can be clean!

Don’t make excuses. I hate them. I don’t want to hear them. Telling other people how you tried but couldn’t find time or just didn’t feel like it, doesn’t cut it. Does that make you feel better? Are you trying to bring me down by telling me its okay not to work out everyday? Are you trying to justify your laziness? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Because I don’t. I have no pity for those who can’t help themselves. I know everyone is on their own time, routine, schedule. I get it. But making excuses is like putting oil in the pan but being too tired or busy to put the chicken in it. It just sits there, empty and worthless. (Oil. Pan. Chicken. I bet you can tell what I’m having for dinner..mmmm.)

I bet you’re thinking “This girl is CRAZY intense! What does SHE know about ME?!” Probably nothing, but I DO know how I am and how I’ve gotten to the point I’m at now. So get your own butt in gear and do this for you, not because you need to prove something to me, to family, to friends, but because you need to prove it to yourself.  Because you can do this. Anyone can do this. Our bodies were made for this.

Get healthy. Get active. Get a rockin body you can be proud of. You would not BELIEVE the confidence that comes with this healthy lifestyle. I keep asking people to feel by biceps. Your mind needs this as much as your hips and tummy do. God knows, I still have chunk here and there and I haven’t even lost my first 5 pounds yet, but positive thinking and a can-do attitude will get you more places than you ever imagined, in all aspects of life. 😀


If you’re not ready to put you and your health first, then you should probably stop reading this. I know guilt is probably the first and foremost motivator for most. “Ah, I just ate a candy bar and now I feel bad about myself.. I should go for a run. ” First of all, F that candy bar. That candy bar won’t make you happy, it immediately made you sad. So you think “Okay, now I’ll start working out.” Great. Do it. And knock it off with that stupid candy bar! I can look at sweets on Pinterest and the mounds of chocolate and desserts they bring in to work and I think “One bite of that would ruin a week’s worth of work.” I’m sure as shit not setting myself back a week. I have goals to reach.


Thanks for sticking through this rant. I got a little cuss-y back there. But by, golly! You guys can do this. I know you can. So freakin do it already! 😉

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live like You.
❤ Notta

You’re Wonderful, Love Yourself!

When I  decided to start this blog I didn’t think I would be posting everyday. I suppose I’ve just been having momentous days that need sharing!

My lovely boyfriend made spinach, green olive and tomato omelets. Then we decided to go shopping. I had to pick up some bridesmaid shoes and a new pair of sunglasses because I broke my old pair… womp, womp…So my boy said he’d come with me because all my girl friends were busy… and I offered to buy dinner. We got to the shoe place and I found the pair I needed and then scored a BOGO pair of black heels for $7! WOO! Deals! Gotta love ’em. Then we hit up Target where I tried on some clothes and decided on a navy wrap dress (Diane von Furstenberg would be so proud) and a cardigan for work outfits, and my sunglasses! I grabbed a few pairs of pants in the next size down, including my favorite goal jeans, and tried them on to see where I was at. So close! It was comforting to know they got over my hips and with a little less tummy they would fit perfect! So, that’s exciting! Change is happening. 🙂

Then it was on to bras… ugh, bras… The absolute worst part of the wardrobe to shop for. My bra size is.. rare-ish. Apparently women with a circumference like mine should have bigger breasts, but I deal. I grabbed the entire store and found one I like as well as a fancy new pair of undies for a dollar! Notta was feeling FINE! Small rewards are where its at. I didn’t want to buy anything that would be too big in a month or so, so underwear and a work dress sufficed!

Then it was on to dinner, which “the better half” waited so patiently for. Noodles and Co.! We don’t have one in my town, or a mall for that matter.. or a Target… ugh, so Noodles is kind of a big deal for us. He stuffed his face with the bacon, cheeseburger mac which looked delicious and I had the penne fresca- if my mind serves me correctly. Noodles, onions, olive oil and white wine dressing, tomatoes, spinach and feta. It was amazing! I drank a whole glass of water before it came so that half way through I decided I needed a To-Go box because I was so full! Yay! I didn’t feel the need to scrape my plate clean- big change for me! Granted, I ate the rest a while after we got home, but still.

The moral of my story is: even if things aren’t quite going to plan, you still need to reward yourself for the progress you HAVE made. Love yourself. You’re wonderful and you should feel that way about yourself. Everyone is beautiful, some choose to show it off, and some like for it to be discovered. Let your beauty out.


Tomorrow my friend and I will get a work out in while our boyfriends make dinner. 😀 I’ve picked an apple/feta salad, apricot chicken and Quiona Cheese Bites (if they’re feeling ambitious). Wish them luck!

You can find the Bites here:


Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta

Weigh-In Day 1

Weigh-In Day! Woo!

Before we get to that, can I just say HOLY COW! 73 views in less than 24 hours!? That’s intense. I love it! I love that people are interested and intrigued and/or finding this entertaining. Thank you all! Now even people in Italy are going to be holding me accountable :/

On that note….

Drumroll pleeaaassseeeeee…..

I gained 3 pounds.

BOOOOOOOO! I’m going to go ahead and put that in on the Pro side of my metaphorical yellow legal pad, and count that as muscle, because I’m sure it is. This girl has got some mad bicep action going for her. But still, gaining when I’m trying to lose is slightly discouraging. So after weigh-in I took my shower, thought it over and said this week’s goals, starting now are:

No soda.
No Beer (except Wednesday).
More cardio.
6-8 glasses of water a day.

I can do this. Easy, right? I’ve cut back on soda IMMENSELY this last year and my body has been aching for a run. I give Wednesday the exception because its a tradition among friends to get wings and beer at a local bar. When starting out you need to give yourself REALISTIC goals. Cutting out beer completely for the rest of my life is UNrealistic. More cardio. Check. Let’s get real. That needs to happen. Toning up isn’t going to fix everything. I’m just building muscle on top of fat. I don’t think that’s scientifically accurate, but you know what I mean. Water. Such a tricky thing. When you google search Water Calculators each one gives you a different answer. They have ranged from 61oz-132oz. Each person is different but for me I’ve decided 6-8 fills of my 22oz bottle is pretty good. Perhaps a little excessive, but it sure curbed my appetite at 10:30 this morning. So I’m on board. Water. Water. Water. Plus, peeing clear IS kind of fun. It’s like invisible pee. Who can say they have invisible pee? hmm?

The rest of my night will consist of a run, dinner and a work out with a friend later in the evening. For dinner I made BBQ chicken from the book my mother gave me called “Hungry Girl 1-2-3. The easiest, most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet.” by Lisa Lillien. The titles are not as appetizing as the actual recipes but they sure are delicious! I suggest you take a peek at it sometime. I dug out the crock pot this morning, filled it with goodies and went to work! Easy Peasy. I came home and it smells wonderful and I don’t have to sacrifice a work out to make a really nice, healthy dinner.

Tonight I leave you with a quote from the Fitness Pinterest board, which is where I get most of my motivational quotes and pictures…

“Because the cake at the party lasts five minutes, but the pictures from the party last forever.”

Don’t give in to sweets. They ruin days, weeks of work and they taste like failure. I know everyone has set-backs, I gave in to a brownie the other day (no one’s perfect), but how far can you be set back before you’re back at the starting line?

Eat healthy, get some exercise and stay positive!

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta




Goals and check points


Love ’em. I love reaching them, I love making them, I love kickin their asses.

I, Notta, am a size 18. Pretty sure, anyway. I refuse to buy new clothes so I assume I’m about there as of now. Big number, right? HUGE! Unacceptable. But with the power of positive thinking and kick ass attitude that number will be a fun story I tell my grandchildren some day.

Size 16: New pair of my favorite Target jeans, Little Black Dress, and something little for appearances (necklace, make up, fancy headband…IDK yet)
Size 14: Wedding Dress Size! But if this is easily reached before that day (whenever that may be) then we shall make a new goal!
Size 12: ? I don’t know yet. I haven’t thought this far ahead… We’ll come back to this..

I don’t know the last time I was a size 12. I don’t even know what kind of poundage a woman at size 12 is. Maybe its doable in the year, maybe it will take longer. I just don’t know! But I am excited! Some may think that’s foolish to not reach farther, but I like to be practical and reasonable. If I can make it to size 12 I’m doing something special!  WHEN! When I make it to size 12 I’ll do something spectacular. Perhaps a new swim suit? Hmm…. 😉 Once that goal is reach then I’ll move on to bigger and better goals.

I plan to have weekly weigh-ins to see my progress. I went out and bought a scale. Yikes. This shits real! It likes to get me down, so I’m limiting myself to using it once a week. Friday mornings. Boom. There we go.

So far I’m up 4 pounds from my doctors appointment in January, which I assume is ALL muscle, because these gams are lookin fresssshhh! Once I reach my “lose 5 pound”s goal- a friend and I are getting pedicures. 😀 Small goals are the key to stay on track and motivated. And rewards for something fun or to splurge on beauty is WAY healthier than treating yourself to food or dessert. Trust me. As a child when I ate really well all day I would ask for a bowl of ice cream as a reward. That kind of thinking gets me in trouble! Also as a child, and as an adult, I didn’t like being told how to live my life. I don’t like being told what to do. Plain and simple. I don’t mean like Mr. Boss asks me to do something for job, I mean I have a cat-complex where if it is not my idea, then I’m not going to do it. If losing weight was my mom’s idea, then I didn’t want to do it. If its my idea. I’m all about it. Sorry mom, I know you tried.. Sometimes we just have to find that out for ourselves, and sometimes it takes too long. I feel I have to be fully committed for this to succeed, and by golly! I am! I am SO ready. I think I needed to prove something to myself and I have and now I can bust down those pigeon holes and be the best and most awesome me possible. True Story.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Friday morning update. Send positive vibes! My feet need this pedicure more than my ego does..

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta


World: Meet Notta Hardbody.  Notta Hardbody: Meet the world.

Hey, hi world!

I’m a 23 year old woman from Wisconsin with stars in my eyes and chunk on my thighs. I’m a recent grad from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and from the poor eating habits that came with student-dom. It’s a new life and I’m taking it by storm.  I’ve moved in with my serious boyfriend and found a super stellar job in town doing stuff I love with people I absolutely admire. So life is pretty good… except for that pesky personal problem I’ve had MY ENTIRE LIFE! This year my New Year’s resolution was                       .  Yup, that’s right. Didn’t make one. Each Dec. 31st I think “Okay! This year! It WILL happen.” and it never does. So this year I said F-It and didn’t make one. So of course come end of January while looking for jobs and sitting on my butt all day on Pinterest; I found numerous posts and boards about weight loss and exercise and eating well and I thought “Well, that figures. People always get super excited at the start of the year and maybe half will make it to June and 10% of that will reach their actual goal (hopefully more!).”  While scrolling I saw this day by day work out schedule for “Fab Ab February.” Catchy. I like it. I saved it and did the daily routines while throwing in some running.

I should give you some background on running. I hated it. In high school it was my LEAST favorite part of PE, although in actuality… the WHOLE part of PE was my least favorite. It wasn’t until I spent a summer in Washington state where EVERYONE is outdoorsy, that I thought “Hey, I could do that!” And I did. My sister-in-law gave me a pair of old hiking boots and I put on my leggings and got athletic. Oh my gosh! It was so beautiful running by the bay in my favorite work out weather. So there it happened. They fed me well and I came back to school feeling like a new woman. Then school started. I took yoga for that stupid little 1 credit of exercise and health but I ended up loving it! What a revelation! So after yoga I would work out in the gym, which I had won a free membership for from karaoke night in the University Center, but that is a whole ‘nother story. So I was already there in the morning, got in a good work out and was feelin awesome. Then the lack of funds and the massive amount of school work started to take their toll and this slimmer Notta started to slip. I gained it all back with interest.

So now school is done! I have money and Fab Ab February gave me the kick-start I needed. So here I am, April 19th, 2012 and I’m still going! I’ve made daily routines that I get to check off after I’ve done them! Which, any kindergartener will tell you, is the best feeling in the world! Checking stuff off! Agh! I love it. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I also love goals! It’s weird. I know. I’ve come to terms 😉 So it’s baffling to me, and I’m sure others, that I have not dropped this weight! It’s been with me since I can remember. If I’m so motivated and goal-oriented then why am I the heaviest I’ve ever been? Its strange and it needs to change. I refuse to be a hypocrite.

I should preface all this with the notion that I’m doing this for me. A healthier me. I don’t need to fit into size 2 jeans and a bikini. I need healthy, happy, confident, size 14 (for now) jeans while still eating and drinking things I love. I don’t need to be a model or wash my clothes on my abs. I will eat. I will sweat. I will be the best me. And I will love/hate every moment of it. 😀 I know this and I accept the challenge. I’m going to be one smokin hottie! Well, even more so, of course.

So this blog is started on this momentous day to hold me accountable, keep me motivated, help me reach goals, bring laughter and hopefully inspiration to those who read. I will post inspirational photos, tell trivial stories, show healthy and delicious food I’ve made and probably cry and get sentimental in a few posts. In most posts. In half. This is a monumental day and step forward in my quest for a toned body, NOTTA HARD BODY.  You will all get to see my trials and tribulations and get excited when I reach goals and give me words of encouragement when I don’t.

Now that I’ve spilled a handful of my background guts, I will get on to the next post about something a little more interesting!

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live like You.
❤ Notta


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